Detox Programs

Discover our organic juice cures, cold pressed, without added sugar, enriched with superfoods and produced to order to guarantee optimal freshness. Our juice cures are available in 1, 3 or 5 days and are adapted to each of your objectives.

Detox Juice Cures

To eliminate toxins | 100% liquid

Why do a detox juice treatment?

Often when we talk about healthy food, we think of austerity. At Wild & the Moon, we believe on the contrary that healthy food must rhyme with pleasure to become a habit.

Detoxification should never be austere and medical. It is a process that must be undertaken with joy, curiosity and enthusiasm. Detoxifying is a way to detoxify your mind as well, to take time for yourself, to listen to your body and its needs.

In our urban jungle, the rhythm is intense and sustained, between work, transportation, activities. Detoxifying allows us to set the counters to zero and recharge the batteries, to find the balance between our life and the needs of our body and mind. It is to take a break to allow the body to get rid of toxins, to deacidify, to lose weight or simply to cut with the junk food and to change the rhythm.

What is a Wild & The Moon detox juice treatment?

Our detox juices have been specially formulated to cleanse the body but also to nourish it in depth while being delicious. It is the ideal program for those who feel that their body is too heavy and overloaded. Our delicious detox juices are designed to provide all the nec- essary elements for the body and the proper functioning of the organs and help you to eliminate toxins gently while ensuring that you are replenished with vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and phyto-nutrients. Our programs include detox fruit and vegetable juices, soups and bam shots whose recipes have been created by our exclu- sive chef, in collaboration with a team of naturopaths, nutrition- ists and tested by us as taste obsessives.

Our detox juice cures are adapted to your level of need: be- ginner, intermediate, initiated or expert. Everything to bring you the essence of Nature and all its benefits according to your desires. Cold pressing protects the fragile enzymes that our body needs to assimilate essential elements. These benefits are also seen on the outside and you will discover a more beau- tiful skin, fresher, a cleaner complexion, a lighter body, a clearer mind and a new energy.

Ultra fresh detox juices・Unpasteurized・Made to order・Cold pressed・Organic・Homemade・No additives・Gluten free・Zero plastic・

The benefits of a detox juice

Our detox juice cures allow you to:

• Reenergize your body and gain vitality
• Strengthen immunity
• Increase the depurative actions of the digestive and circulatory systems
• Boost your weight loss
• Increase the intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
• Purify the epidermis, regain a more beautiful skin, a peachy complexion, hair and nails stronger

Anne Marie Narboni, Naturopath, Holistic Ambassador, Author,
President ICNM (International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine)

Wild & The Moon – Official Partner of the World Congress of Naturopathy ICNM